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 The Art of Matthew Fredricey

I am an artist from Colorado who is dedicated to the transformation of consciousness through the healing power of sacred art. My paintings depict mystical visions that show how we are all connected, that everything is alive, and that Humanity is Divine.

Creating art is what I love most and will continue to do until the sun grows cold (and beyond). For me, painting is a form of prayer and meditation. The creation of art for me is a spiritual experience where I can stay completely engaged in the present moment. I find myself painting mystical, intuitive and psychedelic visions; art of a sacred or spiritual nature, imbued with symbols, realism, inter-dimensional beings, and nature inspired dream worlds. As an artist, I endeavor to reveal the often overlooked beauty of Creation and our Creator, as well as to share my hopeful vision of an evolving humanity. There is magic in and around us all and this majestic world we all inhabit, and I attempt to help reveal a glimpse of the Spirit that resides in all things. I believe that visual art, as well as music, literature, or any other means of self expression, can and does act as a medium of transforming an inner truth from the invisible to the visible realm. Creating art is my link to the universal creative force which has gifted us with a similar creative impulse. I paint in order that your Soul may come out and rejoice in your existence. I paint in order to share my Soul with the world.


I have shared my paintings and live painted at numerous festivals, art exhibits, concerts, galleries and events throughout the years.

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