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One of my goals is to infuse art with activism. I am still exploring good ways to do that and am always open to advice and suggestions. I gladly donate artwork and / or time (e.g. live painting or face painting) to assist iin a good cause. 

In the meantime, check out some of these great organizations that I love to support in any way I can, whether it be by signing petitions, making phone calls to elected officials, canvassing, donating money, etc.

Sign up for their email lists, "like" their Facebook pages, get involved in whatever way possible! To be good stewards of the earth is our collective responsibility. Let's evolve and learn to thrive with not one person excluded. 


Protect Our Loveland -

Citizens for a Healthy Fort Collins - -

Stop Chemtrails:

Union of Concerned Scientists -

New Earth Project:

Earthworks -

Food and Water Watch -

Sierra Club -

Organic Consumers Association -

Vote Hemp -

World Wildlife Fund -

Protect Our Colorado -

Greenpeace -

American's Against Fracking -

Idle No More -


The Pew Charitable Trust -

Forecast the Facts -

Environmental Defense Fund -




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